Dwelling 2X2

2×2 has multiple meanings in this project but primarily signifies the “double duplex”, a concept that this residence originates from. Today’s family in the Indian context is one that advocates for independent-living, yet the tradition of a joint-family is what makes our culture so closely-knit. Privacy yet togetherness – a key balance is what this project tries to facilitate for one such 4-generation family in New Delhi. Translating this architecturally – the dwelling consists of 2 apartments that are further zoned internally into separate “units”. Semi-private spaces provide vertical connections, both physical and visual via internal staircases and double heights respectively, stitching these units together. 

The exterior of the house also resonates with the familial diagram of the project. The front facade distinguishes 4 floors each as a separate entity that combine harmoniously to form an overall balanced composition. The rear facade takes this one step further to highlight the double duplex by utilizing repeating elements on alternate levels. The contrast of the two facades, on the other hand, reflect the internal functions as governed by the principles of Vastu as well as the context each facade faces. The solid front gives privacy to the bedrooms and blocks the harsh sun, while the transparent rear opens out to the landscaped park behind the house.


Anand Niketan, New Delhi






11,000 sqft


Concept Design, Architectural Services, Turnkey Interiors



SY-AL Team

Samarth Syal (Principal Architect), Saurabh Syal (Principal Architect & Interior Designer)


P. Arora & Associates (structural), Shanti Raj (vastu), Rajesh Kant (vastu), Shuchi Mishra (external)

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